Friday, June 27, 2014

Purpose Matters

     One problem I see with average people (even me) is that they don't think about why something is there before they do things. You don't get me? Don't worry, I barely do, too.
     Let's say there's a rule saying you weren't supposed to talk in a classroom. (Obviously this is true with 99% of all classes) What's the purpose of this rule? Well, it's to keep the students/people focusing on their work so they can do their best. Teachers often tell kids to stop whispering. Half of the time, the students are trying to help each other while being quiet. That still lets them focus on their work and do their best. So why make them be quiet?
     That's a common example. So... you have to put the book back where you found it in a library. You see somebody putting the books in completely different places, even books that he didn't look at. If the rule was to "put it back where you found it", that would be rule breaking. But the rule is supposed to keep the books organized so everyone can easily find the book they're looking for. That guy would have been putting the books in alphabetical order, where they were supposed to be.
     Too many people make this mistake. I think that people (like me) should pay attention to what things are supposed to be like.
     Why do I make it seem like it doesn't make any sense in that sentence? Oh well. ;-;

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