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Wrapped in Sorthas Chapter 1: Ripples

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     "...As the ancient shadow lord came to his end, the great sun lord Solarius slayed the dark god, Scornis, with his razor sharp fangs. The age of darkness dissolved to let out a burst of sunshine."
     "We already heard that story a thousand times, Ash," I said, lying paws out on the cave floor. "Shush Eclipse! Ash, tell us the rest!" exclaimed a giddy Solaris.
    My sister, Solaris, is a moon wolf while I, Eclipse, am a sun wolf. Asher, a family friend, had a daughter that went missing. A year ago, Mom and Dad set off trying to find her.
     They never came back.
     Asher playfully bared his teeth at my sister "You want to hear the story? Get through Eclipse's claws first." Solarius backed away and said, "Ash! You know how much better Eclipse is at playfights. And stop joking, just tell us the rest of the story."
     Asher is our caretaker. We call him Ash. Before they left, my parents let him take care of us. He's been our caretaker ever since.
     Ash smiled. "According to the tales, Scornis is dead. But legends say that the true darkness lurks in all of us, in the world, growing before we know it." Solarius exhaled and lay down on her side. "That story never gets old." I barked, "It's just an old kit's tale, Solarius. Shadows are shadows." My cousin perked up, "But shadows are the silhouette of objects that block the-" I interrupted, "Who cares about that? You're such a nerd."
     We heard a barking of a fox just above our little cave. "Ah, that means dinner is ready. I'll grab the meat before the fox grabs it so you little jaws can eat." Ash went around the corner of the cave to grab the meat heating up in the sunshine coming from the hole in the roof. As far as we know, Asher is the only wolf to have heated meat this way.
     I whispered, "Hey Sol, let's go explore Ash's study while he grabs the meat!" My cousin stepped back. "Are you even thinking about what will happen if we get caught?!" I pawed her shoulder, "Hey, come on! There might be a bunch of kit tales and all that nerdy stuff on leaves for you to read..." Solarius reluctantly stepped forward. "Fine... but only just a peek!"
     I poked my bright white snout into the crack leading into Asher's study. It was just a hole in the wall, with a massive boulder blocking the entrance. Since no rock is perfect, there are narrow crevices where you can go in.
     I creeped inside. Tiny holes in the ceiling let down light upon the mysterious study. My eyes adjusted to the light and slowly but surely... something was appearing... whatever that something is...
     It was a rock.
     The rock was flat and slanted on the top, with the lower part closer to you. There were 2 little "horns" sticking out of the rock. I assume that's where Ash keeps the leaves with these things called "words". Next to the rock, there was a stack of huge papyrus leaves.
     We wolves discovered "papyrus", a type of leaf where you can indent words with your claws to make "sentences". It doesn't make sense to me, since this is the first time I've seen them with my own eyes.
     Underneath the huge rock, there was something resembling a leaf made of rock...
     The overwhelming scent of meat flowed to my nose. It smelled so good... and juicy... I raced to the crevice in the wall, where Solaris was waiting for me. We ran for our sane lives to the spot where we were before. There, we waited for Bay to come back with the hot meat in his jaws.
     Nothing. We waited for what seemed like forever, until I drifted to sleep..
     "Wake up!" howled a more-than-awake older sister. "It's already sundown, and Baykar still hasn't come back."
     "Waaa..? I hud dis drem about eatin' fluffy cloud foxes..." I yawned a 4 inch yawn, one of my new records. Then my eyes flew open. I howled, "Meeeeeaaaaaaaatttttttttt!" and ran towards the corner to the food warming place. 
     I risked a peek and saw... nothing. The meat was gone, and all was empty except for a puddle sitting in the corner.
     This corner was strangely darker than the rest of the cave, despite the few light sources. I looked in and saw a moon wolf staring at me, with deep red eyes. I jumped back, bumping Solaris into the wall with an "Oof!". I creeped back towards the puddle and a ripple waded across the surface of the puddle. The wolf image morphed into two wolves, one moon and one sun. They were both in separate places, secluded from the other. Both of them seemed lifeless. Black steam flowed around them.
     Solaris looked past my shoulder at the puddle. We both stared in shock at our parents, their consciousness breathed out of them.

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