Thursday, June 19, 2014


     Students like me usually look forward to summer. Sure, we have no school, but we're looking forward to 2-3 months of nothingness. Summer usually is really boring, if you ignore the vacations and other events. Anyway, people like me overeat and our appearance... doesn't get better. It all gets fixed when I go to a sport. I really have nothing to do besides play computer games that are getting old and boring. I'm not looking forward to swimming. The only thing that I actually like this summer for is summer school.
     Crazy, right? But we can do clay animation projects, read books that are actually interesting, use $700 dollar cameras (world destruction, starting now) and other things. It lasts for most of the summer, leaving a month and a half of free time and the dreaded swimming.
     I actually enjoy swimming itself, but I hate having to hold my breath. It leaves sore pains in my nose and ears for a day, and my hair gets dry and stiff from the chlorine. If the weather is right, the pool is brown with sticks and dirt.
     Right now, I'm working on Wrapped in Sorthas's chapter 1. My friend is working on Blood Battle Royale, however it's called. So don't be surprised if you don't see me posting that much.

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