Saturday, June 7, 2014

Persistance and Logic

     I just recently tried to play a game on a Minecraft server that required 60 people. And those people had to be donator ranks, so only a few people could join. Well, I was one of those donator ranks (Ultra and Hero) and I'm so irritated at some people. Excuse the hostility from this blog, but this is what comes from rants. Please don't yell at me to go spew my words in another trash can. These are just my thoughts.
     Okay, so there are 60 people in a game. The game starts and ends. After the game, 20 people immediately leave. I don't get it. Do they purposely want to delay our game hours, days, or even weeks? Because a game's purpose is for people to have fun. Why leave? Why miss out on a chance for fun?
     The second thing is that the more people leave, the more people yell at other people to not leave and what a bunch of idiots they are. Of course, hostility just makes people want to leave. So naturally, more people leave. That triggers more hostility and yada yada.
     Anyway, the well meaning people leave to advertise. Ultras and Heroes are very common on the Minecraft server, so nobody's going to listen to a regular old person just advertising like those highly enthusiastic advertisers on TV. Once, a Moderator and a few Helpers join the game. They try to help us and advertise. Naturally, being the self-obsessed humans (not all people, don't worry I <3 you guys, if there are any reading this) they are, they join because "Ooh, it's a Mod! Let's join!" and "A moderator? This game actually might be worth it." They help us for about 3 games, and then they have to leave. This puts us at the 10 people level.
     One of the worst things about this (no disgusting self obsessed humans included) is that it's a beta testing game. Which means it's limited to only donators. The 60-person game is such a good game, they should release it. And if they released it, impatient unranked people join like there's no tomorrow. Then, it would fuel hundreds of games in a row, even if its 2:00 a.m. for 20% of the world.
     Even if my rants spark a thought about me being a super negative person, I'm not. All rants are like this, and I'm posting these rants because I want people to realize and think about the things in the situation. Thanks for reading! =(^.3.^)=/

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