Thursday, August 21, 2014


     I read the first little bonus section in the book Coraline. One part interested me into continuing Wrapped in Sorthas without worry. The author said he wrote 50 words every night before he went into bed. 50 words is not much at all. Here's an example of 50 words.

     I like to eat pepperoni and cheese pizza. It's funny, my name is Cheesypopcor, but I don't really like cheese. I like butter popcorn better than cheesy popcorn. People often say I am dumb enough to make a typo in a username, but there weren't enough digits to fit "n".

     If you have enough detail (which isn't much), you should be able to easily slip in 50 words. The author did 50 words per day and finished a best selling book! That's what inspired me to continue WiS without worrying about my laziness.
      This was just a quick post to keep the blog going. Hopefully you like the blog so far. One month of posts and a work in progress story that will be published (not as a real book) chapter by chapter once I'm done.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bankirosu Grew Up!

     Hello! I have failed in my task to make this blog daily. I do, however, have an update on lil' Bankirosu.
     Look at her! She's so cyute... And her siblings have shown to be in touch with the koi in the river. Hahaha, puns.... ;-; my life has yet to be judged 

     So anyway, there hasn't been any sign of activity on my blog besides me. :( Please comment if you visit often! Or if you just view this blog more than once every two weeks.. :P

Friday, August 15, 2014

Rare Pet?

     My first Chicken Smoothie post! :D I'm going to try to post more posts every day, just so you nonexistent viewers can read more.
     Look at the top left! I believe that cub was once one of the other white cubs, but this one has a different blanket. I'm excited to see what it turns into...
      Does anyone play Transformice? If you don't know what it is, it's a mouse game where the shaman (if there is one) has to build things to help you get to the cheese and back to the hole.
     Here's an example. :D You can buy clothing, be in a tribe, play minigames, make maps, etc. I love it. ^_^

I'm back!

     Helllooo!!!! I feel more childish (but I'm proud!) today, so here I am. So I'm back from my long break. A month and a half is quite a long time. It's only two more weeks until school starts again! That's why I wanted to come back to Lemon Haven.
     I'm going to continue Wrapped in Sorthas. I decided the story doesn't need to be that long, so I don't need to push myself. I stopped working on it because 1) I'm lazy and 2) I'm sort of "stuck" in one place, trying to figure out what would happen next. There are probably going to be at least four chapters left until the end of the story, so stick around! A new character is coming soon. :)
     I noticed I don't have much to talk about in this blog. My life isn't much to talk about, and little snippets of it isn't enough to make a daily blog. Should I start making Animal Jam/Transformice/Chicken Smoothie/Minecraft posts? After all, I have a bunch of photos and new things to talk about in those areas.
     Pretty much nobody except my close friends know/look at this blog. Most of them just stay away because they're not interested. I'd like a community to talk to. :( I'd like a few of you to share it with people who might like this blog. I'd greatly appreciate it! It gets boring making posts to nobody.
     That's my official "welcome back" to myself. Enjoy the rest of this blog! :D

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

     Happy July 4th everybody who knows one of America's most famous holidays! For those of you who live in Australia and Asia and whatnot, July 4th is also called Independence Day. As far as I know, there was this ruler who was really strict and mean. These guys (some of whom became future presidents) wrote a letter called the Declaration of Independence. Later they had freedom blah blah blah and our country is free! Gorgeous freedom! July 4th is the day the Declaration was turned in or finished. I'm not a history person. :P
     I've been on Animal Jam all day, going on my best friend's account and basking in the glory of being a member. I went to the Freedom Party, got my own personal animals, bought a den, etc... Then I went to the Heatwave party and played around. This happened.
     Look at the left wing. It's cut off! There's a weird frame around the eagle that cuts off any eagle body parts. How painful! But now I know how to catch fish. :D
     I was exploring the Crystal Palace and I found these cool, secluded areas. They are good spots for eagles to roleplay or just have a private party... even if people are in your den! Here are the spots.
Click to enlarge
A ledge to sit on, along with a mountain range.

A small island to chill and have a tan.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Infinite Personalities

     In my About Me page, it says my personality changes to my environment. If I'm in front of a strict teacher, I am nervous and, you know, do the obvious thing. Around perverts I become a person that talks like a pervert(sadly) if I'm familiar with them. Around angry people I get annoyed and try to keep my cool. Now that I think about it, it's not too different from pretty much everybody. However, I don't really have a set personality. I sort of do, but it changes constantly, even when I'm talking to the same person. I guess I made that up to not have to think about who I am. :T
     Anyone watch anime? If you do, have you ever watched Shugo Chara? It's all about "being who you want to be" and stuff. That's the very very general idea, but there are these things called Guardian Characters. They're basically a mini who-you-want-to-be and you can transform into a mix between your Guardian Character and you. It lets you do things you never could do before, etc etc. It sounds boring in my description, but it's a pretty good anime. Here's a picture of a Guardian Character.
     Animation is doing well in summer school. We were doing practice. The thing is, I was holding up the plushies in the air so you could see my arm in the photos. It just looks like I'm carrying them. Now, if I had string, that would be a different story...
     I'm trying to refrain from going too deep into Wrapped in Sorthas because it's not exciting enough. There needs to be some secrets that are revealed later, or mini spoilers about an exciting future, etc etc. Like in Coraline when the other mother says, "Mirrors are never to be trusted." Sorry for the spoiler! I had no other example. I might be overreacting since this is the first story I've ever written that actually makes sense. It might as well be a fairy tale if I didn't want to try so hard.
     I don't get why people call others off for trying hard. I mean, what's wrong with trying hard? It just means you want to accomplish your goal. Maybe the goal is really easy and you don't need to waste effort needed for the future, but still. :P
     Keep having a wonderful summer! :D
(I said the same thing as last time ;-;)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Preparations for July 4th AAH BEETLE

     I'm not one of those people who celebrate holidays enthusiastically, but my neighborhood sure is. Every night ever since a month ago, I would hear a very loud boom that would scare me off of my chair. Of course I don't really fall off, but it startled me. However, it would sound near the ground instead of a firework exploding in the air. There might be "boom" things that go on the ground. #idontevenfirework
     Yeah. I've been playing some old games more often, like Animal Jam. I just went on Club Penguin a day or two ago. It's so crowded! I can't move anywhere without clicking a name. :P
     Today I went to a university. It's HUGE! There are probably 10-15 buildings, and they're still building more. There's an art center or something that'll finish next fall in 2015. There are about 2-3 places to chill and hang out, with beautiful furniture and a fireplace in one of the rooms. They even scientifically proved the chairs to be comfortable enough so you can focus, but not enough that you'll fall asleep. I'd much rather fall asleep, unless I have a lot of homework.
     Short post, small mind, few thoughts. I just finished Chapter 3 of Wrapped in Sorthas, expect quite a few more!
     I was just looking over the blog, checking to see if I needed to fix anything when all of a sudden this eerie buzzing noise came from the kitchen. I panicked and thought that there was somebody coming with a weapon when a HUGE beetle burst out. I could do nothing but make a sound that was a cross between a whimper and a scream. My mom, who was napping next to me, panicked and thought somebody broke in. My brother came in and thought I was panicking because of a fly. Then he saw it and was absolutely disgusted. He asked my mom to kill it. "Oh, that's so nasty! Oh my god.."
     God, the beetle scared the living daylights out of me. It freaked me out. It's deeper than a fly buzz, but resonates more as well. It gives me shivers when I hear it, for some reason. Here's a tip: never leave your backdoor (that has a hole in it) open at night. Even if you don't have air conditioning (like me) and you're really hot, do not. Unless it doesn't have a hole. Then you're fine.