Thursday, June 12, 2014

School 'n stuff

     Right now, I'm at my middle school, chillin'. One of my periods (not that, fyi) lets us go on Chromebooks and play games. Usually, we search answers to answer questions on a worksheet, but today we're just fooling around. I don't really have much time, because lunch is coming up soon. I'm going to an ice cream social for Allstars at our school.
     Allstars are people who get 8-10 signatures, each signature for an achievement like getting Student of the Month. The thing is, my locker is on the other side of the room where we'll have our ice cream social. I keep my lunch in my locker. I have two choices, eat lunch and ice cream, or eat ice cream and lunch. Baii!!
———————Break between school and home————————————————————
     Anyway, if I eat my lunch first and then eat ice cream, all the good flavors would run out. But, the flavor would stay in my mouth, not hidden by anything. If I eat ice cream first, I will be able to get the good flavors. The flavor would then be hidden by the lunch I would eat.
     Being the type of person that would go for temporary pleasure, I ate the ice cream first. -3-

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