Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fail Drawings, Procastination, and Summer School

     For the past day or two, I've been trying to get my drawing skill up. It hasn't worked that well. At least they don't look completely like poop....

     Yeah. All cat themed. Cats are quite easy to draw, if you know what you're doing. Obviously I don't.
     I haven't worked on Wrapped in Sorthas for a week. There are a few reasons. 1) I'm lazy .3. 2) I haven't thought of the rest of the plot 3) I feel my vocabulary isn't enough and 4) I don't feel like I'm on a time limit.
     This squishy thing that you normal people call a "brain" has produced some counter reasons. 1) I want to stop being lazy.  2) I don't want to procrastinate 3) There are quite a few published books(some with awards) out there with "low level vocabulary words" and 4) Now I know some of you actually want me to continue sooner. 
     So I'll try to keep going. Should I do 50 words per day? 100 words per day? Half a chapter? An entire chapter?
     Well, I know I can't do an entire chapter in one day. Chapter 2's quality decreased because of that. 
     So what 3 things do you think of when you hear summer school? Work, math, and hell. I think of archery, volleyball, and stop motion clay animation. Why? It's the first time a school in the district, possibly the county, has made their own program completely from scratch, doing their own things, etc. 
     Our program is doing clay stop motion animation(as said above), the best and most fun PE activities in school (besides running, we're still running ;-;) and reading a creepy book called Coraline. So far, we've read Chapter 1. 
     By the way, Coraline is about a girl who lives in part of an old mansion with tons of unexplored rooms and areas of the flat. She walks through a door, where she finds her old house in better quality. But there's another mother and father, and they want to change her and keep her forever. All the reviews I've seen say it's creepy, so I don't want to think about it at 9:20 pm.
     Keep having a wonderful summer! :D

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