Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Forever Alone Together Alone

     There's nobody who reads this... Forever alone together with my friends... Alone...
     Fortunately, there's something called advertising. Sadly, if I advertise in a place with people who have similar interests, it's probably a place where people so rudely comment on your comment, ignoring a person's pleas for recognition. Everyone deserves to be recognized for the things that they do. Right now, all I'm doing is talking about my thoughts and life, but I hope to progress out of the box and out the cooking pan and not into the fire. :) I remember being greedy for views in my last blog, but who wouldn't want to be appreciated? I wish that I could become a little more open and silly like I was before. I seem to have become rusty after a while. >.< Oh, nostalgia. If, somehow, any of my friends from years ago are reading this, thanks for being there, katara, MangoShapedSpace, Ooblueberry, mrspider. There are lots more, but I remember these people and they have done a great deal in my life. Thank you <3 God, it sounds like I'm saying these with my last breath. Thankfully I'm not. Besides my thoughts, I have nothing else to talk about. If anyone is reading this, what do you think I should talk about daily?

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