Friday, June 6, 2014

Little Rants

     Pet peeves... they're the biggest pet peeves of your pet peeve life. Why do they call them pet peeves anyway? I have no idea. Maybe because back when the term "pet peeves" didn't exist, people were annoyed by pets and called the annoying things "pet peeves". Is there a reason why it can't happen?
     Anyway, one thing that I find commonly said in middle school is the phrase,"No one cares." People say that because a) They want the speaker to shut up or b) It's a useless piece of information nobody needs. Say, someone just said,"Dust is cool". Even so, it's an even ruder way to say shut up. Even if it's a useless piece of info, it's not right to rudely say that. It might seem to elders and younger people that I'm "not old enough" to say that, or I'm stupid, or they might say,"Deal with it, motherf***er." Yeah, expect a few bad words that are censored. Don't worry, I would never mean it even if I say it.
     Just a quick little rant, let me know what you think. I want to know who's with me.

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