Friday, June 6, 2014

True Introduction

     Haha, silly mistake. I didn't introduce myself formally to you guys. Anyway, that last post (first...?) was just me voicing my inner thoughts at the time... I have no intention on editing it. Anyway, should I change "The Fox Den" to "Lemon Haven"? My main usernames for games and stuff aren't exactly... formal. I still have trouble trying to find a cool username that I can stick with, and fits my personality and likes. Anyway, everything else in this post is the introduction(hopefully).
     I'll be a bit protective over my private info, (name, age, other stuff like that) but the main detail about me is that I. Love. Gaming. It's what I look forward to every weekend. Nothing (except food :D) is better. Well, I may be exaggerating that a little bit (just a little bit, right?). I have made (probably) hundreds of friends, most of which left me (definitely not the opposite. yup. definitely not the opposite.). If I did leave them, it was because we were not being very interactive with each other and forgot everything about each other. Happy times, happy times.
     Now let's actually get onto the real stuff! Watch this become another long paragraph where I just voice my thoughts. Hint hint, italics are thoughts (in this blog)unless common sense drives you to think that this is something that is normally italicized, like poems. My favorite color is icy blue. I enjoy eating food like ramen, soup, spaghetti, and often chips and other junk food, like any other young adolescent, however you spell it. I play Transformice, Minecraft, and app games on my iPad like Bloons TD5. I used to play Animal Jam, but I quit. I stopped playing League of Legends because I was being pressured by my brother and other outside things. My personality is like a chameleon/octopus, constantly changing to the environment. I'm cheerful when other people are chirpy. I'm chirpy when other people are cheerful. I'm empathetic/sympathetic when other people are sad. I try to make things the best that I can, but when people become my (verbal) enemy, I talk back in a (hopefully) mature fashion that makes others think I'm an adult... Worst of all, I talk like a pervert when I'm talking to a pervert. Yeah. But that last one doesn't happen much, unless I'm super friendly/familiar with the person.
     Anyway, hope you enjoy what I've done so far. Here's a picture of me.

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