Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Preparations for July 4th AAH BEETLE

     I'm not one of those people who celebrate holidays enthusiastically, but my neighborhood sure is. Every night ever since a month ago, I would hear a very loud boom that would scare me off of my chair. Of course I don't really fall off, but it startled me. However, it would sound near the ground instead of a firework exploding in the air. There might be "boom" things that go on the ground. #idontevenfirework
     Yeah. I've been playing some old games more often, like Animal Jam. I just went on Club Penguin a day or two ago. It's so crowded! I can't move anywhere without clicking a name. :P
     Today I went to a university. It's HUGE! There are probably 10-15 buildings, and they're still building more. There's an art center or something that'll finish next fall in 2015. There are about 2-3 places to chill and hang out, with beautiful furniture and a fireplace in one of the rooms. They even scientifically proved the chairs to be comfortable enough so you can focus, but not enough that you'll fall asleep. I'd much rather fall asleep, unless I have a lot of homework.
     Short post, small mind, few thoughts. I just finished Chapter 3 of Wrapped in Sorthas, expect quite a few more!
     I was just looking over the blog, checking to see if I needed to fix anything when all of a sudden this eerie buzzing noise came from the kitchen. I panicked and thought that there was somebody coming with a weapon when a HUGE beetle burst out. I could do nothing but make a sound that was a cross between a whimper and a scream. My mom, who was napping next to me, panicked and thought somebody broke in. My brother came in and thought I was panicking because of a fly. Then he saw it and was absolutely disgusted. He asked my mom to kill it. "Oh, that's so nasty! Oh my god.."
     God, the beetle scared the living daylights out of me. It freaked me out. It's deeper than a fly buzz, but resonates more as well. It gives me shivers when I hear it, for some reason. Here's a tip: never leave your backdoor (that has a hole in it) open at night. Even if you don't have air conditioning (like me) and you're really hot, do not. Unless it doesn't have a hole. Then you're fine.

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