Thursday, July 3, 2014

Infinite Personalities

     In my About Me page, it says my personality changes to my environment. If I'm in front of a strict teacher, I am nervous and, you know, do the obvious thing. Around perverts I become a person that talks like a pervert(sadly) if I'm familiar with them. Around angry people I get annoyed and try to keep my cool. Now that I think about it, it's not too different from pretty much everybody. However, I don't really have a set personality. I sort of do, but it changes constantly, even when I'm talking to the same person. I guess I made that up to not have to think about who I am. :T
     Anyone watch anime? If you do, have you ever watched Shugo Chara? It's all about "being who you want to be" and stuff. That's the very very general idea, but there are these things called Guardian Characters. They're basically a mini who-you-want-to-be and you can transform into a mix between your Guardian Character and you. It lets you do things you never could do before, etc etc. It sounds boring in my description, but it's a pretty good anime. Here's a picture of a Guardian Character.
     Animation is doing well in summer school. We were doing practice. The thing is, I was holding up the plushies in the air so you could see my arm in the photos. It just looks like I'm carrying them. Now, if I had string, that would be a different story...
     I'm trying to refrain from going too deep into Wrapped in Sorthas because it's not exciting enough. There needs to be some secrets that are revealed later, or mini spoilers about an exciting future, etc etc. Like in Coraline when the other mother says, "Mirrors are never to be trusted." Sorry for the spoiler! I had no other example. I might be overreacting since this is the first story I've ever written that actually makes sense. It might as well be a fairy tale if I didn't want to try so hard.
     I don't get why people call others off for trying hard. I mean, what's wrong with trying hard? It just means you want to accomplish your goal. Maybe the goal is really easy and you don't need to waste effort needed for the future, but still. :P
     Keep having a wonderful summer! :D
(I said the same thing as last time ;-;)

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