Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

     Happy July 4th everybody who knows one of America's most famous holidays! For those of you who live in Australia and Asia and whatnot, July 4th is also called Independence Day. As far as I know, there was this ruler who was really strict and mean. These guys (some of whom became future presidents) wrote a letter called the Declaration of Independence. Later they had freedom blah blah blah and our country is free! Gorgeous freedom! July 4th is the day the Declaration was turned in or finished. I'm not a history person. :P
     I've been on Animal Jam all day, going on my best friend's account and basking in the glory of being a member. I went to the Freedom Party, got my own personal animals, bought a den, etc... Then I went to the Heatwave party and played around. This happened.
     Look at the left wing. It's cut off! There's a weird frame around the eagle that cuts off any eagle body parts. How painful! But now I know how to catch fish. :D
     I was exploring the Crystal Palace and I found these cool, secluded areas. They are good spots for eagles to roleplay or just have a private party... even if people are in your den! Here are the spots.
Click to enlarge
A ledge to sit on, along with a mountain range.

A small island to chill and have a tan.

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