Thursday, August 21, 2014


     I read the first little bonus section in the book Coraline. One part interested me into continuing Wrapped in Sorthas without worry. The author said he wrote 50 words every night before he went into bed. 50 words is not much at all. Here's an example of 50 words.

     I like to eat pepperoni and cheese pizza. It's funny, my name is Cheesypopcor, but I don't really like cheese. I like butter popcorn better than cheesy popcorn. People often say I am dumb enough to make a typo in a username, but there weren't enough digits to fit "n".

     If you have enough detail (which isn't much), you should be able to easily slip in 50 words. The author did 50 words per day and finished a best selling book! That's what inspired me to continue WiS without worrying about my laziness.
      This was just a quick post to keep the blog going. Hopefully you like the blog so far. One month of posts and a work in progress story that will be published (not as a real book) chapter by chapter once I'm done.

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